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Spodumene Acidizing Kiln

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Spodumene Acidizing Kiln

Spodumene Acidizing Kiln

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The acidification kiln is composed of feeding and discharging system, rotary kiln system and external heating system, which is suitable for lithium carbonate production by concentrated sulfuric acid.

The calcined spodumene and concentrated sulfuric acid are sent into the rotary kiln according to the ratio. The front section of the rotary kiln adopts the forced mixing method to mix the solid materials and concentrated sulfuric acid evenly. At the same time, the hot flue gas generated by the hot air furnace heats the mixed materials on the outer wall of the rotary kiln, and the acidification phase is completed under this environment. The second half of the rotary kiln stops heating, and the materials are naturally cooled and transported out of the kiln.

Processing Capacity120000-300000t/a
Heating modeIndirect heating
Reaction temperature<500℃
Consumption of Natural gas≈20Nm³/t
Production modeContinuity
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