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Sintering ignition furnace

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Sintering ignition furnace

Sintering ignition furnace

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The energy consumption of sintering process accounts for about 10% of the comprehensive energy consumption per ton of steel, second only to that of blast furnace ironmaking. The ignition furnace of sintering machine is the main energy consumption equipment for sintering production. Its role is to ignite the fuel in the mixture distributed on the sintering machine trolley, and combine the suction of the fan to make the sintering process proceed from top to bottom.

The ignition effect of sintering machine ignition furnace is not only related to the availability of appropriate ignition temperature, but also affects the sinter output, quality index and energy consumption level of sintering process.

Features of high-efficient energy-saving sintering ignition furnace produced by our company:

1. The wrapping degree of ignition section and insulation section of the furnace body, and the rational arrangement of burners make the flame free from overflow, so that the blast furnace gas consumption can be controlled at about 38-48 m3/t.

2. The burner is a new energy-saving burner independently developed by our company, which can achieve energy-saving effect while ensuring ignition temperature, and the ignition temperature can be kept stable at 1100 ℃± 50 ℃.

3. The refractory part adopts castable independently developed by our company, which has good thermal shock resistance stability, and its service life can generally reach 3-5 years. Prefabrication of furnace top structural members shortens on-site construction time.

The sintering ignition furnace is composed of furnace body, burner, air preheater, gas preheater, fan, etc.

Supporting Sintering Machine25t/h
Fuel TypeBlast furnace gas (lower calorific value: 750Kcal/Nm3)
Gas Consumption140Nm³/t
Control ModePLC automatic control
Production ModeContinuity
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