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Waste gas incinerator

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Waste gas incinerator

Waste gas incinerator

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Industrial tail gas usually contains some combustible gas, toxic gas, VOCs gas, etc., which is difficult to handle. Our company has developed a series of tail gas incinerators to deal with ore tail gas, casting exhaust gas, chemical VOCs and other gases through regenerative combustion.

Incinerator usually consists of furnace body, heat storage body, combustion system, fan and control system.


The following is the data of a set of ore tail gas incinerators.

Process gas钒钛矿尾气
Combustible composition5%CO and 2%H2
Processing capacity37500Nm³/h
Initial temperature of tail gas800℃
Content of combustible components after treatmentCO<1% and H2<0.5%
Fuel TypeNatural gas (lower calorific value: 8500Kcal/Nm3)
Gas Consumption120Nm³/h
Control ModePLC automatic control
Production ModeContinuity
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