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Bin Drying System

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Bin Drying System

Bin Drying System

Quick Details

It is applicable to the drying of solid particles, such as blue carbon ball, iron carbon ball, iron coke heating ball, etc. Particulate matter continuously enters the drying bin from the top of the bin and accumulates in the bin. The hot flue gas flows from the bottom of the bin along the gap between the balls and dries the balls.

The dry ball is discharged from the bottom, and the ball speed is adjustable.

The production line is composed of drying silo, hot blast furnace, ball in and ball out belt, etc.

Processing Capacity25t/h
Initial Moisture Content20-25%
Moisture Content After Drying<8%
Drying Temperature800-900℃
Fuel TypeConverter gas (low level calorific value: 1500 Kcal/Nm3)
Gas Consumption140Nm³/t
Control ModePLC automatic control
Production ModeContinuity
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