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Combustion Thermal Equipment Company FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)


1. Product type: What types of combustion thermal energy equipment does your company mainly produce?

Answer: Our company is a company that customizes non-standard combustion thermal energy equipment. We design the solution based on the customer's actual working conditions. The fuel application range is wide, and various gas, liquid, and powder fuels are applicable, such as coke oven gas, formaldehyde, heavy oil, diesel, coal powder, wood powder, etc.

2. Application fields: In which industries are these equipment mainly used?

Answer: Our products are widely used in boilers, baking equipment, industrial kilns, incinerators, ironing equipment, furnaces and other industries.

3. Environmental performance: What is the environmental performance of the equipment?

Answer: We attach great importance to environmental performance. The company has independent low-nitrogen combustion technology. Our low-nitrogen burner NOX emissions are less than 30 mg, which meets the national environmental protection emission requirements.

Technical parameters and performance

1. Efficiency question: What is the combustion efficiency of the equipment?

Answer: Our company has more than 50 patented technologies. Our combustion equipment adopts advanced combustion technology to ensure efficient combustion, reduce energy waste, and achieve the purpose of reducing costs and  increasing efficiency for users.

2. Safety: How to ensure the safety of combustion thermal energy equipment during use?

Answer: Our combustion equipment is designed with complete safety protection functions, including gas leakage prevention, overheating protection, etc., to ensure safe use by users.

After-sales service and maintenance

1. After-sales service: What after-sales services does your company provide after purchasing the equipment?

Answer: We provide comprehensive after-sales services such as equipment guidance, installation, debugging, and training, and conduct regular after-sales visits to ensure the normal operation of the equipment.

2. Maintenance cycle: Does the equipment require regular maintenance? How long is the maintenance cycle?

Answer: Yes, equipment requires regular maintenance to maintain optimal performance. Specific maintenance intervals will be based on equipment usage and manufacturer recommendations.

 Price and payment

1. Price issue: How much does the equipment cost?

Answer: Equipment prices will vary based on model, specifications, performance and other factors. We can provide a detailed quotation for your reference.

2. Payment methods: What payment methods does your company support?

Answer: We support a variety of payment methods, including bank transfer, online payment, etc. The details can be determined through negotiation between the two parties.


1. Customized services: Can customized services be provided?

Answer: Yes, we can provide customized services according to customers' specific needs to meet the needs of different industries and application scenarios.

2. Company visit: Can I visit your company?

Answer: Customers are welcome to visit the factory and we will provide you with warm reception and professional explanation.