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Tower drying system

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Tower drying system

Tower drying system

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The liquid supply system sprays the high concentration slurry into the drying tower, meets the high-temperature flue gas provided by the heating system, and the water in the solution is evaporated to form solid particles. In the process of falling down, the particles encounter hot flue gas, and then are blown to high places. The solution at high places will adhere to the particles, and then the water in the solution will be evaporated, and the solids will adhere to the particles. This is repeated until the hot flue gas can no longer blow up the particles and the particles fall out of the bottom channel to form a finished product.

The production line is composed of drying tower, heat supply system, liquid supply system, discharge system and dust removal system.

The following is the data of the daily production line of 40t calcium chloride.

Processing Capacity37t/d
Initial Moisture Content30%
Moisture Content After Drying<5%
Drying Temperature470℃
Natural Gas Consumption150Nm³/t
Control ModePLC automatic control
Production ModeContinuity
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