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Ground Torch

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Ground Torch

Ground Torch

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The ground torch system can be ensured that the gas will be combusted timely, safely and reliably if there is gas emission and there is little noise, no smoking combustion in the running process.  The flame can be completely limited in the radiation protection and heat insulation enclosure and can not be seen from outside view.  It can furthest reduce heat radiation and nosie to the surrounding equpment and workers.
The methane gas accident torch application show in Guangxi Zhongliang Group,  The landfill biogas internal combustion torch application show in Tangshan Nanhu Park,  Ground torch for biogas application show in Haerbin. Ground torch application show in Sichuan.

It is composed of control valve, ground torch(composed of the combustion burners, the radiation protection and heat insulation enclosure, the protective wall), automatic ignition system.

1. The thermal radiation of the torch to the surroudingenvironment is smaller.
2. It is easy maintenance because the rest of the facilities are on the ground except the higher altitude of enclosed system.
3. Reduce the air pollution, light pollution and noise pollution, improve the safe operation of the torch.
4. Lees spaced. The rain of fire will not be happened because the combustion of the torch is in the ground.  The the fire separation distance is mainly determined by the calculation result of the radiate heat.

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