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Pulverized Coal Burner

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Pulverized Coal Burner

Pulverized Coal Burner

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According to the working principle of the special spin-flow pulverized coalburner of the U.S. Department of Energy, the pulverized coal burner produced by our company is improved from the actual technical requirements of the industrial furnace (industrial boiler).     With low manufacturing cost and convenient operation, it is applicable for the fuel technology without oil/gas and the clean and environmental-friendly project with oil/gas replaced by coal.    It has been obtained the patent.










1.The fuel at the exit of the pulverized coalburner shall be uniformly distributed and air distribution shall be reasonable. The mixed point of the secondary air and primary air shall be appropriate, to guarantee timely ignition and strong combustion.
2. Equip good aerodynamic field. Adjust the specialized device to mix the primary air and the secondary air at the best mixing point. Generally, the primary air rotates weakly, while the strong rotation of the secondary air is generated through the specialized structure.  Some part of the secondary air is adjusted and changeed into annular non-swirl wind from annular swirl wind according to the type of coal and running condition, to reach the goal of adjustign the flame shape.  Therefore, it is diffusive combustion and it is good adjusting performance.  Different adjusting modes is applicable for different types of coal.
3. The specialized ignition and combustion channel for stable combustion can be to amend the flame shape and help the burner quickly build the main flame which can be independently and stably combusted.
4. The purpose of the diverging cone is to adjust the diverging angle of the flame in the outlet of the burner, also called the stablizing flame device.  The different flame angle is determined by the differernt grade of coal, to achieve the proportionality of the flame filled degree
5. The pulverized coal can be designed as gas/pulverized coal duai-use burner.

The pulverized coal combustion system is composed of the storage tank, pulverized coal measuring and conveying system, burner nozzle, fan, control system and so on. The pulverized coal shall be fallen from the pulverized coal tank through the charging conduit, enter into the screw feeder across the electric arc valve.  The pulverized coal is sent to the flushing plate flow meter from the screw feeder.  The flow shall be measured with the flushing plate flow meter and the rotating speed of the screw feeder shall be adjusted according to the flow actually required, to realize normal feeding. After measured with the flow meter, the pulverized coal is sent into the feeding box with the screw-pneumatic transfer pump and is pushed forwards by the feeder. The pulverized coal is sent into the mixing chamber and is gasified by the air at the outlet of the blower, which sent to the transmission pipeline to enter the pulverized coal burner for mixing and combustion in the furnace.









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