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The multi-channel burner(The pulverized coal, natural gas, coal/gas mixed)

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The multi-channel burner(The pulverized coal, natural gas, coal/gas mixed)

The multi-channel burner(The pulverized coal, natural gas, coal/gas mixed)

Quick Details

The multi-channel burner is the new-generation burner developed by our company according to the fuel situation and characteristics of the kiln, the principle of same direction coflow large-velocity difference. The unique structure and reasonable process parameters are to guarantee the fuel (pulverized coal and fuel gas) and the primary air and secondary air mixed fully, to make the flame achieve the best stability effects. Meanwhile, it can reduce the spray nozzle temperature and improve the service life of the spray nozzle. In the practical application, it is high combustion efficiency, big heating strength, good flame shape,  convenient adjustment. It is the energy-saving and environment-friendly product in the new period.
The multi-channel burner, The multi-channel burner in Xinjiang.  The pulverized coal/blast furnace gas multi-channel burner in Tianjin,   The multi-channel burner in Jinxi Steel,  Generator gas multi-channel burner in Chengde, Coke oven gas  multi-channel burner in Xintai Steel.  Natural gas multi-channel burner in Daqing


It is widely applied in various type of rotary kilns for building material, metallurgy, mine, chemical industry, electric power and other industries.

Product classification

According to the fuel type, it can be divided into the multi-channel pulverized coal burner, multi-channel fuel gas burner, multi-channel coal / gas mixed combustion burner and multi-channel fuel gas mixed combustion burner.

1. According to user's demands, the different flame diameters and lengths of the burner can be designed to adapt different working conditions.
2. The single fuel, dual-fuel or multi-fuel burner can be designed for the user separately according to the fuel performance.
3. Low cost, save energy. The primary air is less, 4-8% at the minimum. The secondary hot air is more.
4. The flame shape is regular, completely strong, lively and powerful.  The kiln lining is protected by the high-speed non-swirl wind, which the service life of the lining is prolonged and the operating ratio of the kiln is improved.
5. There are many types of applicable coals, which the high-quality coal and the low-quality coal for combustion are both Ok. It is especially adaptable for being applied in the rich-anthracit area and the high altitude area. The effects are better and the production cost can be reduced.
6. It is convenient adjustment and one can adjust the valve opening and the screw rod to adjust the sectional area of the air outlet, to change the air rate and air speed.  The flame size, thickness and strenght can be adjusted at random  to meet demands of calcination in the klins.
7. The contents of NOX and CO shall be reduced. Mixing the fuel and hot wind more completely, so the combustion is more rapid and safe and the contents of NOX and CO in the waste gas of the kiln tail are reduced. It is good for the safe operation and environmental protection of the waste gas pipeline and electric precipitation.
8. The service life is long. The pulverized coal is often entered into the quickly-wearing position of the burner. The wear-resistant treatment shall be conducted by adopting the metal ceramics spray technology, so that the abrasion durability in the key position of the burner can be improved by 5-10 times than the common steel. The head and nozzle of the burner shall be adopted the high temperature and heat-resistant steel material, so as to extend the service life of the burner under the high temperature conditions.
9. The self-control system: the sectioned fire type, air door adjustment proportion type, frequency conversion regulation proportion type, touch screen digital control, frequency conversion regulation of the industrial personal computer and other control systems can be configured according to user's requirements.
10. The flameout protection, program ignition, leakage detection, over-temperature/overpressure protection and other functions can be configured according to user's demands.

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