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High-rack Torch

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High-rack Torch

High-rack Torch

Quick Details

The industrial torch discharge system is the special combustion equipment which is used for treating the flammable gas and the flammable toxic gas and steam which cannot be collected and re-processed in the petrochemical industry plant, oil refinery, other chemical plants and steel plant. It is an important measure to guarantee safety production of the plant and reduce the environmental pollution.

Performance Features
1.Stability: The torch burner manufactured by our company has the features of good flame rigidity, complete combustion and so on,  guaranteeing the stable and complete combustion of the torch under the harsh climatic conditions.
2. Energy-saving: WE adopt the optimized control mode.  Automatic ignition can be done during diffusion.  The fuel gas source can be automatically cut off  if no gas diffusion, the nightlight will be turned off and the whole system will be in the monitoring state, so that the consumption quantity of the fuel gas will be reducted for energy-saving.
3. Environmental protection: We adopt the specially designed burner structure, even if the diffusion gas with very low combustible gas can be complete and stable combustion. For the heating value and large proportion of diffusion gas, the steam injection mode is applied, effectively solving the difficulties of black smoke, acid rain and during combustion and avoiding pollution to the surrounding atmospheric environment.
4. Safety: Designed by the intrinsic safety idea, automatic ignition and stop, which sealed with the inert gas, double monitoring of fire detection signal and video signal and other technical measures in order to guarantee the safe operation of the system.
5. The high automation degree of the whole system, PLC (or DCS) is the main control center, real-time monitor the gas signal of the torch after the system is started and the operation of automatic, semi-automatic, manual and other modes can be realized.

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