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Biosyngas Burner

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Biosyngas Burner

Biosyngas Burner

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Biosyngas is a combustible gas produced by pyrolysis or gasification of biomass under high temperature, using crop straw, forest waste, edible fungus residue, livestock manure, sewage sludge and other substances containing biomass as raw materials. The main gas components are hydrogen, carbon monoxide and a small amount of low molecular carbon hydrogen, etc. The other components are nitrogen, carbon dioxide, water, tar and particulate matter, etc. The biomass gas produced when the biomass is heated also contains a certain amount of heat. Biomass pyrolysis or gasification produces crude gas, which can be purified and adjusted to obtain high-quality synthetic gas. Biogas is divided into hot gas and cold gas. According to the characteristics of this gas, the special burner for biomass gas developed by our company can ensure that the fuel and air are fully mixed and combusted. There is no requirement for gas pressure. The gas tar content is large, and the burner is convenient for slag removal and cleaning. It realizes the efficient conversion of fuel and meets the requirements of industrial enterprises such as ceramics, glass, non-ferrous metal smelting, medicine, printing and dyeing.










1. Due to the nature of gas, high tar content and high temperature, the product is generally designed as a split type.
2. According to the nature of biomass gas, the valve selection and burner structure have their own unique design. Normal combustion is not easy to block, the cleaning interval is long, and the cleaning is convenient without dismantling the burner.
3. The automatic control system can be designed into a variety of control modes, such as section fire type, damper regulation proportional type, frequency conversion regulation proportional type, touch screen digital control, industrial personal computer frequency conversion proportional control, etc., which can be freely selected by users.
4. The gas and damper are controlled by separate channels. The air/gas ratio K value is set online to accurately control the air/gas ratio and prevent errors caused by linkage transmission.
5. The functions of flameout protection, program ignition, valve leakage detection, over temperature, over pressure protection, etc. are uniformly configured, and other equipment can be interlocked according to user requirements.
6. There is no limit on fuel pressure and temperature, as long as the user gives it when ordering.
7. It can be matched with steam boiler, hot water boiler, heat conduction oil furnace, hot air furnace and various industrial kilns.









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