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Blast Furnace Gasi Wowotcha

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Chowotcha cha gasi chophulika


The blast furnace gas burner is mainly designed for burning the blast furnace gas generated from the iron and steel producion process. It is applicable for the blast furnace gas with any pressure and any calorific value. The burner adopts the multiple-head internal mixed technology, so the combustion is complete and stable and it can realize automatic ignition, fire-off protection, automatic fire adjustment and other functions. It is not required for heat accumulation when ignition and it has been widely applied in the iron and steel enterprise and the related enterprises.

1. The calorific value of the fuel is low, about 700-900Kcal/Nm3, it is not easy to ignite.
2. If there is no special requirements of the fuel gas pressure or components, the common designed pressure of the fuel gas shall be 5-8kpa.  If the user send the required value to us, we will follow and preset the value into the system.
3. It is usually applied in the negative pressure combustion furnace.
4. The sectioned fire type, air door adjustment proportion type, frequency conversion regulation proportion type, touch screen digital control, frequency conversion regulation of the industrial personal computer and other control systems can be configured according to user's requirements.
5. Gasi wamafuta ndi chitseko cha mpweya udzayendetsedwa ndi njira yosiyana, gawo la mpweya / mpweya wa K liyenera kukhazikitsidwa pa intaneti kuti liwongolere bwino gawo la mpweya / mpweya ndikuletsa zolakwika zomwe zimayambitsidwa ndi kulumikiza ndodo.
6. The system shall be equiped with flame detection, fire-off protection, automatic ignition, over-temperature/overpressure protection, leakage detection in valve groups and parameter display etc.
7. The control system shall be based on the standard communication protocol and can be connected with the upper system of the user for communication.

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