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Ihe na-eme taya na-emefu ihe

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Ihe na-eme taya na-emefu ihe

Ndenye Details

The reactor is composed of feeding and discharging unit, reactor body, external heating jacket and hot air system.It is mainly used for the recycling and utilization of waste tires.

The crushed tire block enters the rotary reactor and is heated by isolated oxygen.The macromolecular polymer in the waste tire is decomposed thoroughly, and returns to the state of small molecule or monomer to produce oil gas, carbon black and steel wire. The oil gas is cooled into liquid oil in the subsequent condensation equipment.The gas that fails to cool is used as fuel to heat the system.

Under the premise of continuous production, intelligent control and "0" gas consumption operation, the reactor can realize the recycling, harmless and reduced disposal of waste tires.

Nhazi ikike20000t/a
Refine Non-standard oil400-450kg/t
Mpụta nke Carbon ojii300-350kg/t
Output of steel wire100-150 n'arọ / t
Oriri ikeKw 50kw
Oriri nke eke gas≈0(required for startup.not required for normal production)
Oriri mmiri≈0(recycling)
Ọnọdụ njikwaPLC njikwa akpaaka
Ụdị mmepụtaContinuity、Periodicity
Hapụ Ozi