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What is an industrial torch? What types of torches can be divided into?

Time :2024-01-03 75

Industrial torch is a kind of combustion equipment that treats and discharges combustible gas by combustion. It can be divided into elevated torch, ground torch and so on. A set of industrial torch combustion system consists of discharge pipes, liquid separation equipment, fire arresting equipment, torch burner, ignition system, torch tube and other components. Tangshan Jinsha combustion production torch has the characteristics of automatic ignition, no pollution emission, real-time flame detection and so on. There are many successful cases in steel, chemical and other industries, which are well received by customers.

The ground flare system can ensure that when the gas needs to be discharged, it can be vented and burned in a timely, safe and reliable manner. This system can achieve low noise and smokeless combustion during operation. During the combustion process, the flame is completely controlled in the radiation shield, and the flame cannot be seen from the outside. This design can minimize the impact of heat radiation and noise on the staff and surrounding equipment.

Elevated flare discharge system is mainly used in petrochemical plants, refineries and other chemical plants, steel mills. It is a special combustion equipment used to deal with combustible gas (combustible and toxic gas) and steam that cannot be collected and reprocessed. The use of elevated torches in factories is an important measure to ensure safe production and reduce environmental pollution.