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How to produce a set of plate heat exchanger?

Time :2024-01-03 88

The plate heat exchanger produced by Tangshan Jinsha Combustion is made of high-quality 304/310S stainless steel. The professional heat exchange sheet forming equipment we produce greatly increases the heat exchange efficiency. Plate heat exchanger has the following characteristics:

1. Through precision laser blanking, the ultra-high precision of the heat exchange fins is guaranteed.

2. Through stainless steel seam welding technology, robot automatic welding technology, etc., the welding quality is guaranteed.

3. Through the modular production method, the heat exchange plate can be added or subtracted according to the demand, and the shape can be customized.

As a professional manufacturer of designing and manufacturing non-standard combustion equipment, Tangshan Jinsha Combustion has a strong technical service team. We will customize a set of heat exchangers that belong to you according to your actual needs.