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What are some ways to reduce nitrogen oxide concentrations?

Time :2024-01-25 91

① Reduce the excess air sent to the burner;
② Reduce the hot air temperature;
③ Reduce the thermal intensity of the combustion chamber;
④ Adopt double-sided exposed water-cooling wall;
⑤ Artificially mix fuel and air slowly;
⑥ Adopt two-stage combustion;
⑦ Flue gas recirculation.

Low NOx combustion technology is a variety of technologies that improve combustion equipment or control combustion conditions to reduce the NOx concentration in combustion exhaust gas. The main factors affecting the generation of NOx during combustion are:
1. Combustion temperature
2. Residence time of flue gas in high temperature zone
3. The concentration and mixing degree of various components in flue gas.
Therefore, changing the air / fuel ratio, the temperature of the combustion air, the degree of combustion zone cooling and the shape of the burner can reduce the formation of nitrogen oxides during the combustion process. In industry, the purpose is generally achieved by reducing excess air , using segmented combustion, flue gas circulation and low-temperature air preheating, and special burners.

Reducing nitrogen oxide emissions is a systematic project, and all aspects of the design must be considered. Therefore, it is particularly important to choose a manufacturer with a professional R&D and design team. If you are interested in low-nitrogen combustion, please contact our engineers. Tangshan Jinsha Burner can customize a solution according to your requirements.