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Tangshan Jinsha Group Annual Recognition Conference

Time :2018-04-12 92

On January 19, 2023, Tangshan Jinsha Group held the annual recognition conference. Chairman Ma Zongyu and Vice President Wu Ziqing made important speeches. This conference will focus on the recognition of employees and collectives with outstanding performance in 2022.

At the meeting, 39 dedicated stars who worked more than 400 days throughout the year were commended; 15 new stars of progress; 30 stars of dedication; Double civilization cash 30 individuals; 5 annual pacesetters; There are 14 advanced collectives in safe and civilized production, and 2 most effective collectives.

Yang Jun, who was rated as the annual pacesetter at the meeting, made a speech on behalf of the individuals who were praised. In the new year, he will continue to love the factory as home, work hard, serve as a good example for all employees, and make contributions to the development of the company.

The representative of the Combustion Marketing Department, who was praised for his collective speech, continued to carry forward the spirit of solidarity and fraternity, mutual encouragement, positive progress and courage to fight, and led more colleagues to make common progress.

The annual commendation conference is an affirmation of the work achievements of outstanding employees and an encouragement to the employees who have not won the prize. After many years of inheritance, under the leadership of President Ma, the Sands Group has formed a corporate culture of courage, unity and cooperation, continuous innovation, and hard work. I believe that the future will be more and more broad, and welcome friends from all walks of life to negotiate cooperation.