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Low nitrogen burner_ Precautions for rational selection of combustion engine

Time :2018-04-12 85

1. Low nitrogen burner_ The reasonable selection of combustion engine shall pay attention to the requirements for the degree of automation:
After selecting fuel, users should select nozzles (burning nozzles) or full-automatic burners according to their economic capacity and equipment requirements. Generally speaking, the cost of selecting nozzle (burning nozzle) is low, but the safety problem is difficult to guarantee; Full automatic burner is expensive, but it does not need to configure fan and control system. It is easy to operate, has high accuracy of furnace temperature control, and is safe.
2. Select according to the furnace temperature and pressure (furnace internal pressure) of the low nitrogen burner: when ordering the burner, be sure to explain to the manufacturer which type of equipment your equipment belongs to, how high the temperature in the furnace is, whether the furnace is positive or negative pressure, and how high the pressure is. Because the furnace temperature is different, the burner structure is also different, and the selected materials are also different; The burner selected for positive pressure of the furnace has higher overcoming pressure, and the burner selected for negative pressure of the furnace has lower overcoming pressure.
3. Fuel type of low nitrogen burner: first, the user should determine what fuel he/she uses, and select the burner according to the fuel he/she chooses. For example, if the fuel is diesel oil, the oil burner should be selected; Gas burner is selected for fuel gas.
4. Select according to the region: different regions have different requirements for burners. For example, in northeast cities, the burner control system is required to be low temperature resistant; In Xinjiang oilfield area, the control system is required to be resistant to both high temperature and low temperature; The air pressure in plateau area is low, and the output of standard burner here is not enough. This factor should be considered when selecting.
5. The fuel gas burner shall be selected according to the fuel gas type and pressure. Burners have their own applicable gas pressure range. If the gas pressure is not within the designed pressure range of the burner, it cannot be used. The gas pressure exceeds the design pressure range of the burner, which is easy to cause danger; If the gas pressure is lower than the design pressure range of the burner, the output of the burner is insufficient. For example, a certain area in Shanxi has imported more than ten foreign boilers, and the attached burner is a gas burner with a pressure of 15Kpa, while the gas pressure in this area is only 3-4Kpa, so foreign burners cannot be used.
6. The burner shall be selected according to special requirements, such as waterproof and explosion-proof.

As there are many kinds of fuel gas, the calorific value difference is large, so a certain fuel gas burner can only burn this kind of fuel gas, such as natural gas burner can't burn liquefied gas or coal gas; Similarly, gas burners cannot burn natural gas or liquefied gas. The high calorific value gas burner burns low calorific value gas, and the burner output is insufficient; On the contrary, burning high calorific value gas with low calorific value burner is prone to incomplete combustion or explosion.

This article mainly introduces the knowledge of burner selection. If users need burners, they should explain the following points: their own furnace type (such as heating furnace, boiler, etc.), furnace temperature (boiler need not be described), furnace pressure (positive pressure or negative pressure, how much pressure), fuel type: if the fuel is gas, it needs to explain the type of gas, calorific value, pressure, and whether it contains tar.