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Tangshan Jinsha Company held the New Year's kick-off meeting

Time :2024-01-03 19

On January 28, 2023, all employees of Tangshan Jinsha Company held the New Year's kick-off meeting in Xuanyi Hall. The kick-off meeting was held in three parts and was presided over by Chairman Ma Zongyu.

The first part is for all employees to study the company's rules and regulations together. In the process of learning, both new and old employees will further deepen their understanding of the company's system and facilitate the smooth development of future work. At the same time, the system will be supplemented and improved in combination with various events encountered in the past year, so as to facilitate the follow-up development of the company.

The second part is the technical seminar, which is attended by the technical department, production department and marketing department. As a large-scale manufacturer of combustion thermal energy equipment, all our work should be carried out around the needs of customers. Through the communication with customers in the previous year, this meeting will summarize the after-sales problems encountered in a unified way, conduct communication and learning, and continuously improve the R&D strength and production capacity of Sands.

The third part is the market kick-off meeting. It is carried out internally by the Marketing Department to summarize the projects of the past year, arrange the work of the new year, focus on the layout of the main products and application industries, realize the steady growth of sales and serve more customers.

After the meeting, employees in all departments have arranged their work focus, constantly strengthened their abilities and made their own contributions to the development of the company.