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Shandong Federation of Industry and Commerce visited Tangshan Jinsha Company

Time :2024-01-03 95

On February 10, 2023, the leaders of Qian'an City Federation of Industry and Commerce led the leaders of Shandong Xintai City Federation of Industry and Commerce to visit Tangshan Jinsha Company, accompanied by Chen Shouyun, Deputy General Manager of our company.

During the exchange, Mr. Chen introduced the development process, enterprise scale and main business of Tangshan Jinsha Company in detail. As a national-level specialized "small giant" enterprise, Tangshan Jinsha Company attaches great importance to the construction of scientific research team, unifies the technology research and development departments into "enterprise technology innovation center", and invests about 3.5 million yuan in technology research and development each year, accounting for 6% of the annual sales. The products designed by the Technology Center have obtained 38 national patents, including 4 invention patents, which combine the concept of environmental protection with combustion technology to provide customers with customized products that meet the requirements.

Later, Mr. Chen accompanied the leaders of the Federation of Industry and Commerce to visit the production workshop, Xuanyi Hall (staff activity center) and other places, and affirmed the development of Tangshan Jinsha Company, and said that he would certainly bring the development experience of Jinsha Company to Shandong to serve more enterprises.