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Tangshan Jinsha Combustion produces multi-fuel burners

Time :2024-01-03 90

When the burner is burning, it must use fuel. Many burners can only burn a single fuel, so when customers want to change to other fuels, they can only replace the burners, which increases the cost.

The burners produced by Tangshan Jinsha Combustion are not only suitable for single fuel, but also suitable for dual fuel or multi-fuel. According to different types of fuel, it can be divided into the following combinations:

Dual fuel: natural gas and all oil products, natural gas and formaldehyde tail gas, natural gas and hydrocyanic acid tail gas, natural gas and cracked dry gas, natural gas and biomass gas, natural gas and yellow phosphorus tail gas, natural gas and biogas, natural gas and all Burners for powder, natural gas and blast furnace gas, natural gas and coke oven gas, blast furnace gas and coke oven gas.

Multi-fuel: natural gas, heavy oil and biomass gas; natural gas, diesel and coal powder; natural gas, hydrogen and analytical gas; natural gas, blast furnace gas and diesel; natural gas, biomass gas and biomass oil.

No matter what fuel you want to use for combustion, please provide us with the calorific value, temperature and pressure of the fuel.Tangshan Jinsha Combustion will customize the most suitable burner for you.