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Tangshan Jinsha Combustion introduces low calorific value industrial tail gas burner

Time :2024-01-03 90

As we all know, in the modern industrial production process, a lot of industrial tail gas with a little calorific value will be produced, such as formaldehyde tail gas, hydrocyanic acid tail gas, biomass gas, yellow phosphorus tail gas, etc. These industrial tail gases have the characteristics of low calorific value, low pressure and high toxicity. If they are discharged naturally, they will cause serious pollution to the atmosphere.

Based on the purpose of making full use of various low calorific value fuels, Tangshan Jinsha Combustion has developed a dual-purpose burner for natural gas and industrial exhaust gas through years of accumulated experience. The burner technology is safe and reliable, and can realize safe, stable and sufficient combustion of low calorific value fuel. Using this kind of industrial exhaust burner, it not only saves the objective fuel cost, but also is more friendly to nature. Since Tangshan Jinsha Combustion's low calorific value burner was supplied to the market, it has increased the value of converting industrial tail gas into heat source for reuse, and has won high praise from users.

If you also have exhaust gas to deal with, be sure to contact Tangshan Jinsha Combustion. We will customize a set of high-efficiency combustion tail gas burners for you according to the characteristics of your fuel.