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Implementation Plan for Linfen to Promote the High-quality Development of Coking Industry

Time :2024-01-03 18

Source: Polaris Environmental Protection Network

Recently, Linfen City, Shanxi Province, issued the Implementation Plan for Promoting the High-quality Development of the Coking Industry in Linfen City.

Linfen City will strictly control the total coking capacity of the city and scientifically control the coke output.

By the end of 2023, "build first and then break" will shut down the coke ovens with a height of 4.3 meters in the carbonization chamber and other coke ovens that do not meet the ultra-low emission standards in stages and batches.

At the same time, focusing on building the province's leading green coking industry cluster, we will implement the "three transformations" of energy-saving technology transformation, ultra-low emission transformation and safety standardization transformation, and focus on improving the energy conservation, environmental protection and safety level of the coking industry, so as to promote the green, low-carbon and safe development of the industry.