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So how do you adjust a rotary kiln burner? How does the adjustment work?

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The rotary kiln burner is an important part of the normal operation of the rotary kiln, and it also plays an important role in the calcination effect of the rotary kiln. So how to adjust the rotary kiln burner? How does it work when adjusted?

rotary kiln burner

1. Adjust according to the color of the flame and the temperature of the burning zone.

Color: When ignited, control it in dark red and light yellow; when the kiln skin falls off, control it in light yellow and white; under normal circumstances, control it in white or white glow. The color of the flame can reflect the temperature of the burning zone. If the temperature is low, the internal wind should be increased appropriately. If the temperature is too high, the internal wind should be reduced.

2. Adjust according to the kiln skin.

The normal kiln skin thickness is 200-300 mm, the surface is smooth, the main kiln skin length is 13 to 18 meters, and the auxiliary kiln skin length is 18 to 20 meters. The position of the burner must be moved every shift to make the auxiliary kiln skin dynamically drop and grow repeatedly to prevent ringing.

3. Adjust according to the granulation of the material in the kiln.

If the granulation in the kiln is 40 mm and the material in the firing zone is sticky, it means that the temperature of the natural gas burner in the rotary kiln is too high, and the external air should be increased to lengthen the flame. On the contrary, increase the internal air and increase the firing temperature, but be sure to pay attention to the lining of the firing zone.

4. Adjust according to the position of the kiln circuit to meet the needs of the combustion circuit.

5. Make adjustments according to the needs of shift changes when observing the situation in the kiln.

6. Adjust the total amount and pressure of the primary air to ensure that the coal injection pipe has sufficient thrust.

7. Adjusting the inner diameter of the coal pipe and changing the outlet wind speed are auxiliary measures to change the thrust of the coal pipe.

8. Adjust the ratio of internal and external air. The internal wind is a cyclone, which makes the flame shorter and thicker; the external wind is an axial wind, which makes the flame thinner and longer.

The above is all about how to adjust the natural gas burner of the rotary kiln. The purpose of adjusting the burner is to change the combustion speed and flame shape at the same time, and the two are inextricably linked.

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