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High-quality and low-cost ladle baking machine

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The steel ladle baking device is suitable for on-line (off-line) baking of steel (iron) ladle and continuous casting tundish, including drying of new ladle, fast or slow baking of turnover ladle, and fast baking of online ladle (tundish). The equipment is widely used in tundish drying station, intermediate station preheating station, etc.

Ladle heater

Performance characteristics:

The series of ladle baking devices produced by our company are of two forms: vertical and horizontal, and consist of three parts: mechanical structure, combustion system, and control system. The product is reasonably designed, sturdy and durable, and has stable and reliable performance. Its main features include:

Fast baking temperature increase: The temperature rise curve is highly controllable, ensuring high efficiency and safety during use.

Easy to use: The equipment is simple to operate and easy to maintain.

Strong fuel adaptability: Various gas and liquid fuels can be used, especially low calorific value fuels such as blast furnace gas, ensuring fuel diversity and economy.

Technical parameters:

The equipment is suitable for various gas and liquid fuels, including but not limited to the following:

1. Blast furnace gas: calorific value 2900-3500KJ/Nm3 design pressure ≥2KPa

2. Converter gas: calorific value 6300KJ/Nm3 design pressure ≥2KPa

3. Coke oven gas: calorific value 16700KJ/Nm3 design pressure ≥1KPa

4. Generator gas: calorific value 5400KJ/Nm3 design pressure ≥1KPa

5. Mixed gas: calorific value 8300-13000KJ/Nm3 design pressure ≥1KPa

6. Liquefied petroleum gas: calorific value 42000KJ/Nm3 design pressure ≥1.0-1.5KPa

7. Diesel: calorific value 37800KJ/kg design pressure ≥1.0-1.5KPa

8. Heavy oil: calorific value 33500-37800KJ/kg Design pressure ≥1.5-2.0KPa

We are committed to providing customers with high-quality, low-cost and technologically advanced ladle heaters. Whether it is performance stability, ease of operation or fuel adaptability, our products are in the leading position in the industry, meeting the needs of different users, helping users improve production efficiency and reduce production costs.

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