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What knowledge do you need to know when selecting burners

Time :2018-04-12 22

The selection of burners is a complex technical problem, and customers can choose according to their own conditions.

First of all, according to the fuel type, users should determine what fuel they use and select burners according to the fuel they choose. For example, if the fuel is diesel oil, oil burner oil burner oil burner is selected; Gas burner is selected for fuel gas.

Secondly, it can be selected according to the furnace temperature and pressure (furnace internal pressure): when ordering burners, be sure to explain to the manufacturer what kind of equipment your equipment belongs to. How high is the temperature in the furnace, whether the furnace is positive pressure or negative pressure, and how high is the pressure. Because the furnace temperature is different, the burner structure is also different, and the selected materials are also different; The burner selected for positive pressure of the furnace has higher overcoming pressure, and the burner selected for negative pressure of the furnace has lower overcoming pressure.

Finally, the user's requirements for the degree of automation: after selecting the fuel, the nozzle (burning nozzle) or full-automatic burner should be selected according to their economic capacity and equipment requirements Generally speaking, the cost of selecting nozzle (burning nozzle) is low, but the safety problem is difficult to guarantee; Full automatic burner is expensive, but it does not need to configure fan and control system. It is easy to operate, has high accuracy of furnace temperature control, and is safe.