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What are the uses of producer gas? Why does the gas generator flame burn red?

Time :2024-01-03 24

When producing producer gas, solid fuels such as coal and coke are put into the gas producer, and air (or oxygen) and a small amount of steam are input to gasify them to produce producer gas.

The main uses of producer gas are:
1. Heating steel-making furnaces, glass kilns, coke ovens and other furnaces;
2. As fuel for boilers, hot blast furnaces or other furnaces;
3. After mixed with water gas, it can be used as raw material gas for synthesizing ammonia and methanol.

So during the combustion process, why do the flames turn red when burning and the bottom of the furnace turns black?

This is mainly because after long-term use of the gas generator, oil and dust fall into the small holes of the burner, and debris accumulates. In this case, we can remove the burner and use a brush to clean around the burner holes to remove debris. After cleaning the burner, if the flame is still red, it may be that there is dirt on the nozzle. At this time, we also need to remove the burner and expose the nozzle. Poke a few times with a piece of hard plastic wire or wool to clean. During the cleaning process, you must be careful not to use copper, iron and other metal wires to avoid affecting the effectiveness of the nozzle.

Generally speaking, through the above two steps, the problem of red flame can be solved and the burner can work normally. If you have any questions during the process of cleaning the burner, or if you need professional technicians to carry out the construction, you can contact Tangshan Sands at any time. As a burner manufacturer, we have more than 20 years of production and after-sales experience. We will use our professional capabilities to solve various burner problems for you.


Producer gas burner


Producer gas burner


Producer gas burner