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Warmly celebrate the successful convening of Tangshan Jinsha Group’s 2023 Annual Commendation Confer

Time :2024-02-04 111

On January 30, 2023, the Tangshan Jinsha Group Commendation Conference was successfully held in the company’s Xuanyi Hall. All employees of Tangshan Jinsha Combustion Thermal Energy Co., Ltd., Tangshan Jinsha Industry and Trade Co., Ltd., and Qinhuangdao Beite Chemical Technology Co., Ltd., which are affiliated to the group company, attended the ceremony. Mr. Ma Zongyu, chairman of the company, delivered a speech.

Looking back on 2023, there are too many emotions and stories; looking forward to 2024, there are more expectations and dreams. On this important holiday, we commended and rewarded outstanding employees and groups. This is recognition of their work over the past year and an incentive for their work in the coming year.

Dedication Star

Dedication Star

Dedication Star

bi-civilized individual

Annual pacesetter

The most effective group---Technical Department

The most combative group-Ministry of Sand Industry

This year we chase our dreams with sweat, and we use quality to create excellence. Along the way, we are the closest partners. We never forget our original intentions and forge ahead without hesitation. We go hand in hand through thick and thin and move forward bravely towards our dreams. Thank you, me, him, and all my colleagues for their contribution to the development and growth of the company. Outstanding contribution!

Behind every honor is our continuous pursuit of quality. Behind every success is the silent dedication of everyone. Persistence without regrets will bring greater challenges in the future, but we are fearless because we firmly believe that we can reach the other side of victory with dreams in our hearts.

Congratulations on the successful conclusion of Tangshan Sands Group’s 2023 Commendation and Summary Ceremony! I wish you greater success in 2024!