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The hydrogen is a kind of combustible and explosive gas with the large scope of explosion concentration 4%- -75% .  Even if the concentration is very low, the explosion will also be caused. Therefore, it is also a difficulty for hydrogen combustion. According to the research on burners and analysis of hydrogen for many years, our company has successfully developed the hydrogen burner and control system, which guarantees normal combustion of hydrogen. Utilize the waste gas, reduce the pollution and save the cost. It has been widely applied in the chemical industry, design institute and research institute and has obtained the patent of hydrogen hot air furnace with the patent number of ZL201120068776.9.










1. It is mainly applied in the chlor-alkali industry, laboratory and other industry, which the hydrogen as the by-product during the production process.
2. According to the feature of the rapid combustion speed and easy explosion, the hydrogen burner adopts the diffused external mixed combustion. The fuel gas is divided into two areas by the combustion burner cap.  The flame center is the area with sufficient fuel gas and the flame edge is the area with sufficient air.
3. The hydrogen pipeline shall be blowed by nitrogen before the hydrogen air into the pipe.  The air in the pipeline is replaced by the nitrogen to prevent the hydrogen and air mixed in the pipe.
4. The furnace chamber shall be blowed before ignition and the inside of the pipeline and burner shall be blowed by the nitrogen. The nitrogen shall gradually be replaced by the hydrogen after successful ignition and gradually fade away.
5. After accidental flameout and normal stop of the burner,  blow the nitrogen to prevent fire turn-back can be applied.
6. E mafai ona faʻatulagaina le faʻaogaina o le puipuiga o le saogalemu e iloa ai le faʻaogaina o le polokalame, faʻaogaina otometi, puipuiga o mea sese ma isi galuega.
7. O le suauu kesi ma le faitotoa ea e tatau ona pulea e ala eseese, o le ea / kesi vaega K tau e tatau ona seti i luga o le initaneti e pulea lelei le ea / kesi vaega ma puipuia mea sese e mafua mai i le tuʻuina atu o le tootoo.
8. It can be applied with the boiler, hot air furnace and various incinerators and so on.
9. It can be specially designed according to the user's site situation.





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