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Oilgas Dual-use Burner

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Mafuta / gasi Wowotcha Pawiri


The oil-gas dual-use burner is the energy-saving burner, developed for the user conduct oil and gas mixed combustion or  incontinuous combustion when the gas supply is not enough and some oil is as supplement.  The burner is composed of the center oil gun and multiple-heads internal mixed pipe to realize oil combustion, gas combustion and oil and gas mixed combustion.

1. The basic structure of the product is cpmposed of multiple internal mixed fuel gas pipes and the oil gun located at the center position of the combustion chamber. The internal mixed pipe shall be used for mixing gas and air during gas combustion, also be used for supplying primary gas during oil combustion. So that the whole burner is simplified to a single fuel oil burner. Supply the air source  is OK when fuel gas is required.
2. Mitundu yosiyanasiyana ya kuwongolera kodziwikiratu kumatha kukhazikitsidwa: mtundu (kuwongolera khomo la mpweya ndi kuwongolera pafupipafupi), kuwongolera khomo la mpweya ndi mtundu wa kusintha kwanthawi yayitali, kukhudza mawonekedwe a digito, kuwongolera kusinthasintha kwapang'onopang'ono kwa makompyuta ndi zina zotero. pa. Ikhoza kukwaniritsa zofunikira zosiyanasiyana za wosuta.
3. The oil can be residual oil, heavy oil, light oil and crude oil. The fuel gas is the natural gas, coal gas and other combustible gases.
4. The flameout protection, program ignition, leakage detection, over-temperature/overpressure protection and other functions shall be configured according to user's demands. Both automatic control and manual operation can be realzied.
5. Adjust the supplement of the fuel oil and fuel gas in any proportion can be realized.

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