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Coke Oven Gas Burner

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Coke Oven Gas Burner

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The coke oven gas is the by-product of the coking industryand is also called as the city gas. It has been widely applied in coking, steel, chemical industry and other industries related to coking. The hydrogen content of the coke oven gas is extremely high and the combustion speed is fast, which it is great explosion hazard and combustion instability compared with other fuels. For the coke oven gas burner developed by our company, the fuel performance is fully considered in the design. We make special treatment in ignition, air blasting, adjustment, prevent fire turn-back and other aspects. On the basis of high-efficient combustion, PLC, touch screen, industrial computer and other advanced control technologies areapplied to guarantee operation safety and reliability.










1. The ignition source is the coke oven gas. It is convenient operation.
2. According to the feature of the coke oven gas and the influence of the tar on combustion shall be fully considered,  the heating filter shall be optional.
3. Different treatment shall be conducted against different user sites and the combustibility and explosiveness of the fuel.
4. Ger hewcedariyên taybetî yên zexta gaza sotemeniyê an pêkhateyan tune be, zexta sêwirandî ya hevpar a gaza sotemeniyê 5-8kpa be. Ger bikarhêner nirxa pêwîst ji me re bişîne, em ê bişopînin û nirxê di pergalê de destnîşan bikin.
5. The flame dimensions can be specially designed according to the furnace chamber dimensions and the user's requirements.
6. The different forms of automatic control can be configured: type (air door sectioned control and frequency conversion sectioned control), air door adjusting proportion type and frequency conversion adjusting proportion type, touch screen digital control, industrial computer frequency conversion proportion control and so on. It can meet different user's requirements.
7.  The fuel gas and the air door shall be controlled by the separate channel, the air / gas proportion K value shall be set online to accurately control the air / gas proportion and prevent error caused by connecting rod transmission.
8.  The system shall be equiped with flame detection, over-temperature, overpressure, leakage detection in valve groups and other safety interlock protection.









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