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Tini og blý bræðsluofn

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It is used in the crude extraction and refining of tin and lead smelting. The smelting furnace is composed of a heating unit and a melting pot. The melting pot is placed on the combustion chamber, and the hot flue gas generated by the burner surrounds the heating melting pot. The melting pot is evenly heated, and the equipment is stable in use and has a long service life. A heat exchanger is installed at the smoke exhaust to heat the combustion supporting air to recover heat.


The following is the data of a 30T tin oxidation pot.

Initial Material Temperature20 ℃
Heat to Temperature450 ℃
Upphitun Time30min
EldsneytistegundNatural gas ( lower calorific value: 8500Kcal/Nm3)
Control ModePLC sjálfstýring
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