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What are the requirements for burners for pulverized coal boilers?

March 23,2023

As the main combustion equipment of pulverized coal boilers,  the role of burners is to ensure sufficient and stable combustion of fuel. The pulverized coal burner ensures that when fuel and air enter the furnace, they can be fully mixed and ignited in a timely manner. According to the different roles of pulverized coal burners in feeding air into the boiler, the incoming air can be divided into primary air and secondary air. The primary air is the air that carries pulverized coal into the burner, and the secondary air is the air that is sent back after the pulverized coal ignites.

The requirements for burners of pulverized coal boilers mainly include:

1. Ensure that the pulverized coal gas flow fed into the boiler can ignite and burn quickly and stably;
2. Supply reasonable secondary air to mix it well with primary wind energy in a timely manner to ensure combustion efficiency;
3. Ensure that the flame is well filled in the furnace and does not flush against the wall to avoid slagging;
4. Good combustion applicability and load regulation range;
5. Low flow resistance and low pollutant generation.

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