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What are the ignition procedures of the gas burner in the rotary kiln of tangshan jinsha burner Co., Ltd.

September 11,2023

1. Preparation before ignition:

● Before igniting the gas burner of the rotary kiln, first check whether the combustion system piping equipment (electrical instrument control cabinet, combustion-supporting fan, exhaust fan) and various valves and instruments are normal.

● Confirm whether the parameters of the combustion system of the rotary kiln meet the main technical specifications of the gas burner provided by tangshan jinsha burner.

2. Ignition process

Tangshan jinsha burner reminds you that you must make preparations for air replacement before ignition to ensure the safety of ignition.

● First of all, we need to start the fan to check whether it is operating normally and whether it can reach the required pressure.

● Check the closing state of the gas valve of the kiln and the pressure gauge, and then open the combustion air valve to supply air and ventilate into the furnace. Note that at this time, the ignition hole and the burner viewing hole should all be opened.

● When manually igniting, introduce the fire source; if an automatic ignition device is used, first connect the power of the igniter, turn on the ignition switch of the igniter, and then start the gas valve to ignite the gas.

● After the ignition is successful, the combustion air valve and the gas valve should be opened alternately until the gas burns normally.

● If the ignition fails, the gas valve should be closed immediately, the combustion air valve should be opened, and the ungas in the furnace should be removed, otherwise the ignition should not be repeated to avoid an explosion.

● After finding out the reason, you can repeat the above steps until the flame is stable before the ignition is considered successful.

● After confirming that the ignition is successful, you can close the ignition hole and the furnace door, and start the normal heating operation.


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