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What are the differences between low nitrogen burner and ordinary burner?

December 21,2022

Low nitrogen burner is a general name of burner that can reduce nitrogen oxides based on ordinary burner and through technical optimization. In essence, the low nitrogen burner adopts a technology improvement to control the combustion process. In addition to factors such as power output and material temperature resistance, various methods will be adopted to reduce the impact of various generation factors for low nitrogen demand.

So as to achieve a lower NOx emission value, such as:

1. By means of grading, segmentation, and concentration dilution, the ratio of air and gas deviates from the chemical equivalent ratio in local space and at a certain stage of combustion, which can effectively control the local flame temperature, thereby reducing the generation of thermal NOx;
2. By means of improving the mixing effect, such as premixed combustion, when the mixing effect of air and gas is better, the flame thickness in the high temperature zone can be minimized, and the travel distance and residence time of flue gas in the high temperature zone can be reduced, thus reducing the generation of thermal NOx;
3. By means of flue gas recirculation, the combustion flue gas is used for backflow mixing to reduce the oxygen content in the flue gas. Excess N2 and combustion products will also reduce the maximum flame temperature, thus inhibiting the generation of NOx, which is one of the more common methods in boilers at present;
4.  By dividing the flame area, improve to avoid the generation of too concentrated flame, and reduce the reaction residence time;

According to the above methods of NOx reduction, low nitrogen burners are roughly divided into the following categories: stage burners, self recirculation burners, rich and lean burners, split flame burners, mixing promotion burners, low NOx precombustion chamber burners, etc.

The difference between low nitrogen burner and ordinary burner lies in the following three points:

1. Enhance the heat transfer performance of the boiler, improve the thermal efficiency, reduce the operating cost of the boiler and reduce expenditure;
2. The cycle of newly purchased boiler is long and the waiting time is long, which affects the production, while the low nitrogen transformation can be completed in a short period of time, saving time:
3. Low nitrogen transformation conforms to the national environmental protection policy and is the first choice for the benefit of the country and the people.



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