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What are the classifications of low nitrogen burners

May 06,2023

According to NOx reduction combustion technology, low nitrogen burners are roughly divided into the following categories:

1. Low nitrogen burner - stage burner
Based on the principle of staged combustion, a staged burner was designed to achieve staged combustion of fuel and air. Due to the deviation of combustion from the theoretical equivalence ratio, the generation of NOx can be reduced.

2. Low nitrogen burner - self recirculation burner
One method is to use the pressure head of combustion air to suck some of the combustion flue gas back into the burner and mix it with air for combustion. Due to the recycling of flue gas, the heat capacity of the combustion flue gas is large, the combustion temperature decreases, and NOx decreases.
Another type of self circulating burner is to directly circulate some flue gas into the burner and add it to the combustion process. This burner has a dual function of inhibiting nitrogen oxides and saving energy.

3. Low nitrogen burner - rich lean burner
The principle is to make one part of the fuel burn too rich and the other burn too lean, but the overall air volume remains unchanged. Due to both burning at a chemical equivalence ratio deviation, the NOx content is very low. This type of combustion is also known as deviant combustion or non chemical equivalent combustion.

4. Low nitrogen burner - split flame burner
The principle is to divide a flame into several small flames. Due to the large heat dissipation area of a small flame and the low flame temperature, the "thermal reaction no" decreases. In addition, the small flame shortens the residence time of gases such as oxygen and nitrogen in the flame, and has a significant inhibitory effect on "thermal reaction no" and "fuel no".

The above is an introduction to the classification of low nitrogen burners based on combustion technologies to reduce NOx, hoping to be helpful to everyone. To learn more about related content, please continue to follow Tangshan Jinsha Combustion Heat Energy Co.,Ltd. Thank you for your support.


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