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What are the causes of burner failure?

December 13,2022

The causes of burner failure

When a burner malfunctions, it's important to confirm that the following fundamental requirements are met for the burner to function normally:
1. Is the power supply normal?
2. The fuel delivery system: is it normal? Whether the typical gas pressure on the gas supply pipe? The ball valve may be open. Does the tank contain any oil? Is the valve on the oil supply and return pipe open?
3. Is it typical for all regulators and controllers to regulate and have interlock control? Such as temperature regulator, water flow switch, water level switch, oil level switch, gas pressure switch, etc.
4. Is the amount of air, gas or fuel changed during combustion?
After all of the aforementioned issues have been examined, specific maintenance can be performed in accordance with the associated issues, effectively eradicating the burner's fundamental flaws.



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