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The burner manufacturer analyzes the principle and function of the burner

March 24,2023

Industrial combustion engines are commonly referred to as burners,  and have many types and specifications, such as gas, coal, fuel oil, etc., with a wide range of applications. Generally used in small and medium-sized fuel boilers, fuel hot fans, baking (baking) boxes, and small fuel heating furnaces.

What if the combustion engine fails to ignite?

1. If it is an ignition fault, first restart the combustion engine. If the combustion still cannot be ignited, it is judged as an ignition fault. In the face of such faults, corresponding inspections are required to eliminate the faults. During ignition, the fan needs to operate normally and the procedure is correct.

2. If the air supply fails, it is necessary to check whether the pressure of the fuel supply is normal. If it is too high or too low, it will not ignite. In the face of this failure, it is necessary to adjust the fuel pressure and set the pressure.

3. If the ignition electrode or ignition transformer fails, the ignition transformer does not ignite, or the ignition electrode is too dirty, an ignition fault can occur. In the face of this fault, it is necessary to test whether the ignition transformer ignites, clean the ignition electrodes, and adjust the ignition gap to maintain 2-3mm.

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