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Precautions for gas turbine commissioning and maintenance

March 23,2023

It is prohibited to use non explosion-proof electrical power tools on site.

1. If the secondary ignition procedure of the gas combustion engine fails continuously, it should be stopped to check whether the gas supply system of the combustion engine is normal, and whether the circuit connection of the boiler burner manufacturer is correct. The combustion engine can be restarted only after the failure is eliminated.

2. It is strictly prohibited to knock or rub the gas supply pipeline with a wrench or metal rod to avoid causing static electricity or sparks, which may lead to gas explosion.

3. Smoking, welding, cutting, and other illegal operations are strictly prohibited at the gas supply valve group or pipeline flange surface.

4. It is strictly prohibited to conduct any open fire test near the pipeline, valve group, and pressure regulating valve to avoid major accidents.

5. Test whether there is fuel in the air supply pipeline, usually using a gas low-pressure meter.

6. In the gas supply pipeline, even though it has been evacuated, there are residual gases or liquid droplets on the pipe wall, which can also cause combustion and explosion in the event of electrostatic sparks and open flames.

"When the gas supply pipeline has been vented and the valve block has failed, it is necessary to disassemble it.

First, the main valve at the front end of the valve block must be cut off, and then the gas in the pipeline from the main valve to the valve block must be vented before disassembling and maintaining the valve block.".

During commissioning, gas must be careful, safe, and efficient.




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