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Manufacturer of natural gas burner for two-stage hot pot furnace

March 24,2023

The two-stage hot pot furnace natural gas burner manufacturers produce combustion engines with adjustable size and fire, which are widely used. Natural gas burners have different models to choose from, such as 200000 kcal, 300000 kcal, 800000 kcal, and 2 million kcal. The gas burner adopts a two-stage fire control method, and the heating capacity of the natural gas burner adjusts the size of the fire based on demand.

The natural gas burner is mainly applicable to various industrial boilers, drying furnaces, kilns, quenching furnaces, steam furnaces, hot water furnaces, boiling water furnaces, ovens, heating furnaces, heat transfer oil furnaces, and other boilers.

Technical and performance characteristics of natural gas combustors produced by Tangshan Jinsha Combustion Heat Energy Co.,Ltd.:

1. Smooth two-stage fire operation;
2. Be able to adapt to any type of combustion chamber;
3. Accurate air distribution ratio ensures stable and efficient combustion of fuel;
4. Innovative flame stabilizing barrel design achieves full fuel mixing and overall flame stability;
5. Super strong corrosion resistance, convenient installation, operation and maintenance, safe and reliable, and low noise;
6. All components are easy to disassemble, clean, repair, and replace;
7. Compared to a single stage burner, a smooth second stage burner operates longer from low to high fire levels and burns more fully.




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