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Low nitrogen burner ignition instructions

April 17,2023

Low nitrogen burners

1. Low nitrogen burners should use electric spark ignition to facilitate automatic control. The combustion status must be dynamically monitored. Once the flame detector senses a flameout signal, it must be fed back to the burner in a very short time, and the burner will immediately enter a protective state while cutting off the gas supply.

2. The flame detector should be able to sense the flame signal normally, neither sensitive nor sluggish. The general requirement is that the response time from flameout to the flameout signal emitted by the flame detector should not exceed 0.2 seconds.

3. The ignition action requires the formation of an ignition temperature field before the gas is introduced, in order to facilitate ignition and combustion. If the ignition does not occur, it is generally required that the burner judges the flame signal sensed by the flame detector after 2-3 seconds of gas injection. If it does not ignite, it enters a protective state, and if it ignites, it maintains combustion.

4. If the alarm light is on after starting the burner, it is necessary to wait at least 20 seconds before pressing the reset button again to restart.


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