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Introduction to the basic structure of the burner

May 06,2023

The burner can be divided into five major systems according to its functions:

Air supply system, ignition system, monitoring system, fuel system, and electrical control system.

1. Air supply system
The main components of the air supply system include: casing, fan motor, fan impeller, air gun fire pipe, air door controller, air door baffle, and diffusion plate. The function of the air supply system is to send air with a certain wind speed and volume into the combustion chamber.

2. Ignition system
The main components of the ignition system include: ignition transformer, ignition electrode, and electric fire high-voltage cable. The function of the ignition system is to ignite a mixture of air and fuel. The output voltage of the ignition system is generally 25KV26KV27KV, and the output current is generally 15-30mA. There are generally two types of ignition fuels: single and split.

3. Monitoring system
The main components of the monitoring system include flame monitors, pressure monitors, temperature monitors, etc. The function of the monitoring system is to ensure the safe operation of the burner and generate signals through a programmable controller. Its main function is to monitor the formation of flames. There are three main types of flame detector: photoresistor, UV electric eye and ionization electrode.

4. Burner fuel system
The function of the fuel system is to ensure the fuel required for burner combustion. The fuel system of the fuel burner mainly includes: oil pipes and joints, oil pumps, solenoid valve nozzles, and heavy oil preheaters. Gas burners mainly include filters, pressure regulators, solenoid valve groups, and ignition solenoid valve groups.

5. Burner electrical control system
The main control component is a programmable controller, and the electronic control system serves as the command center and liaison center for each of the above systems. Introduction to the working process of the burner: Its working process consists of four stages: preparation stage, pre blowing stage, ignition stage, and normal combustion stage.


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