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Introduction to non-standard burner manufacturers' Jinsha burners

September 04,2023

Jinsha burner is located in Tangshan, China. The burner business is our strength in research.

We have more than 20 years of professional experience in design, research and development, market service and resource optimization of large burners, fuel supply systems and automatic control systems. Our research focuses on combustion equipment with non-standard combustion requirements. Jinsha burners can adapt to very harsh environments and fully meet the working conditions of boilers, power plants, industrial boilers, and heat transfer oil boilers.

Jinsha Burner has a high-tech professional team. They can analyze the requirements of customers, and can discuss with customers the best design scheme and manufacturing system, which can fully meet the specific requirements and expectations of users. Jinsha Burner provides customers with the most reliable products and services, and at the same time can realize various fuel-efficient configurations.

Choosing Jinsha Burner means having experienced partners in the same industry, which will enable users to rationally allocate economic and production resources to the maximum extent while fully considering ecological and environmental issues.

Jinsha burner can provide various types of burners with a power range of 50kw-43000kw; They are:
conventional fuel burners
non-standard customized burners
low-nitrogen burners
pulverized coal particle burners
multi-fuel burners
low calorific value fuel burners


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