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How to maintain the smoke from the burner of hot blast stove?

January 04,2023

How to repair the problem that the burner of the  hot blast stove emits smoke?

We can confirm from the following aspects:
1. Confirm whether the burner components are in good condition.
2. Adjust the proper oil pressure and air valve angle. (Note: do not adjust the pressure and angle at a large angle if it is not quite sure)
3. Check the smoke exhaust system of combustion chamber and chimney, and visually observe whether there is oil dirt. (Under high temperature, the volatilization of oil dirt is one of the important reasons for black smoke)
4. Check the filter, including external filter, oil pump filter (inside the oil pump), nozzle filter, etc.
5. Check the oil pump pressure and adjust it appropriately. If the pressure is lower than 1Mpa, most oil pumps need to be replaced. For burners with solenoid valves in the front, check whether there are sundries in the solenoid valves, which cause insufficient oil supply. If necessary, disassemble the burner to observe the oil injection status. The oil pump pressure is adjusted normally, and many nozzles can be used, but it is recommended to replace the nozzles once a year. (Even if the wear of the nozzle does not affect the use, the combustion efficiency decreases with the wear degree)
If no fault source is found after the above conditions have been checked, it is necessary to employ personnel with professional experience to recheck the air fuel ratio.
The burner of the hot air stove emits smoke, which is very simple, but the oil pressure of the air regulating valve can solve the problem. However, it actually involves the core combustion technology of the burner of the hot air stove, so it is quite complicated. Some burner smoke failures can not be solved by professionals, and can only be solved by replacing parts.



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