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How to maintain the natural gas burner

January 03,2023

The maintenance of natural gas burner shall start from the main gas source, filter, control valve, burner, etc.

1. For burners using natural gas as fuel, the main gas source control valve must be checked regularly to ensure that the line is in good condition.
2. If the "Y" filter is installed in front of the control regulating valve, pay attention to cleaning.
3. Check the control valve on the natural gas burner to see if the adjusting bolt is easy to adjust, and ensure that all outlets and screens are not blocked.
4. Check the gas pipe group to confirm whether the manual switch is sensitive and whether the valve handle is installed; Check whether the barometer works normally, rotate the low air pressure and high air pressure switches to confirm their working conditions; The joint of the air valve shall be cleaned and lubricated. If the joint is stuck or too rough, it shall be replaced with appropriate accessories; If the burner is installed with a removable pipeline, it should also be cleaned.



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