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How to maintain and repair gas burners

March 24,2023

For burners using natural gas as fuel, check the main gas source control valve to ensure that the circuit is intact, and do not adjust the control valve. If the natural gas burner filter is equipped with a "Y" type filter in front of the control valve, attention should be paid to cleaning.

Check the control valve on the gas burner to see if the adjustment bolt is easy to adjust.

The burner should check the gas pipeline group to confirm whether the manual switch adjustment is sensitive and whether the valve handle is installed. Check whether the barometer operates normally.

When adjusting the natural gas burner, accurate pressure display is very important. Rotate the low and high pressure switches to confirm their operation. The connection of the air valve should be clean and lubricated. If the connection is stuck or too rough, replace the corresponding accessory. If the burner is installed with removable piping, proper cleaning should also be noted.

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