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How to control the nitrogen oxide (NOx) content of the boiler?

May 10,2023

From the perspective of NOx generation mechanism, the technology of oil/gas boiler to control NOx also focuses on two directions: reducing the combustion flame temperature and reducing the oxygen content. Therefore, an important measure to suppress the formation of NOx is to start with the burner. So what is a low nitrogen burner?

Low nitrogen burners refer to burners with low NOx emissions during fuel combustion.

The NOx emission of traditional natural gas boiler burners is usually around 120~150mg/m³. The usual NOx emission of low nitrogen burners is around 30~80 mg/m³. NOx emissions below 30 mg/m³ are usually called ultra-low nitrogen burners. The essence of any low-nitrogen combustion technology is to control the combustion process. According to more than 20 years of research and development experience of Tangshan Jinsha Combustion Heat Energy Co.,Ltd., in order to achieve truly sustainable and reliable low-nitrogen combustion for industrial boilers, it is not enough to just replace or modify the burner, and it is also necessary to upgrade the combustion control device. Contact us to get more technical support for low nitrogen combustion.


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