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How to carry out regular maintenance of fuel burner

February 13,2023

If you want to use the fuel burner for a long time, in addition to the daily simple maintenance in use, but also need to do some regular maintenance.

Today we will take you to understand how to burn the regular maintenance.

1The light diesel oil used in the fuel burner must be clean, and attention must be paid to cleaning the tank and oil filter regularly.

2. Under normal use, replace the oil nozzle once a year, and replace the elastic coupling and rubber parts on the coupling once a year and a half.

3. Foreign bodies are strictly prohibited from entering the air duct.

4. According to the oil pressure value to adjust the oil pressure.

5. Fuel burner regularly check the combustion cylinder, impeller, flame detector and ignition electrode, remove oil and carbon.

Note that the site of the fuel burner should be away from inflammable and explosive materials, and equipped with fire extinguishing equipment. When maintaining the fuel burner, be sure to cut off the power.



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