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Do you know the characteristics of these gas burners

March 23,2023

According to the structure, gas burners are divided into integral burners and split burners, of which the split burner is the most widely used in industrial production. The main feature of a split burner is that its combustion system, air supply system, and control system are all disassembled and installed. This type of burner is more suitable for applications in large equipment or special working environments such as high temperatures.

Does a burner with good performance still have the same good combustion performance when installed on the boiler? This largely depends on whether the gas dynamic characteristics between the burner and the boiler match. Only a good matching degree can fully exert the performance of the gas burner, ensure stable combustion in the furnace, and enable the boiler to achieve good thermal efficiency and achieve the expected thermal energy output.

The following is a summary of the advantages of gas burners.

1. High thermal efficiency: The gas burner can adapt to pressure fluctuations and automatically adjust the primary air distribution (i.e., with high gas pressure, more primary air is inhaled; with low gas pressure, less primary air is inhaled), resulting in fuller combustion and greatly improving thermal efficiency;
2. High safety: The gas burner is equipped with a low fire. When starting the boiler, light a small fire first. When the small fire is normally and stably burning, the automatic control system opens the main gas valve, and the fuel can enter the boiler for normal combustion without causing deflagration;
3. Strong fuel adaptability: Gas burners can be widely used for natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, coal gas, liquefied petroleum mixture, and other types of gas, and achieve low nitrogen combustion.

Tangshan Jinsha Combustion Heat Energy Co.,Ltd., as a non-standard burner manufacturer, can customize the production of various types of fuel gas burners according to customer needs. The accumulated experience of 30 years has ensured the stable combustion of each set of burners, bringing greater economic benefits to customers.




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