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Correct installation method of ultra-low nitrogen burner

December 17,2022

The good installation of the ultra-low nitrogen burner is the precondition to ensure the correct installation and use of the burner,  and the key step to ensure the normal combustion and operation of the burner. Professional, reasonable and prudent construction operation is the way to ensure safety.

The correct installation steps are as follows:

1. Install the asbestos pad of the mounting flange on the combustion cylinder.
2. Insert the combustion cylinder into the furnace.
3. Align the screw hole position and fix the mounting flange on the furnace body.
4. After confirming the position of extending into the furnace, lock all screws to ensure that the burner is firmly installed.
5. After the burner body is installed, it should be noted that the oil inlet pipe should be equipped with a filter and the filter should be cleaned regularly.
6. Check the pipeline tightness after connection.

Special instructions:

1. During installation, the burner shall be installed horizontally or vertically, and shall not be installed obliquely.
2. The fuel storage and pipeline system devices, connection construction, acceptance, etc. must strictly comply with the relevant regulations and the regulations of the local safety authority, and can be put into use only after passing the acceptance.



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